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Testimonial: Herbalife Gave Me a New Lease on Life

ImageChester tried everything under the sun to lose weight.
Unable to control his appetite, he would then fall into a yo-yo pattern of weight loss and gain. Because obesity and diabetes run in his family, he was determined to lose weight. �I was intrigued by Herbalife, but skeptical,� says Chester. �Before I contacted an Herbalife Distributor, I said to myself, �I�ve tried everything else, including hypnosis, so what do I have to lose?��

The results were immediate Chester quickly lost nine pounds in the first week just using Total Control�. He also noted an increase in his energy and was motivated to take his already-active exercise routine to the next level. Bursting with vigor In just five months, Chester trimmed down to 179 pounds and went from a 42-inch waist to 29 inches. �I have boundless energy,� exclaims Chester. �People look at me differently�and some people don�t even recognize the �new me.��**

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and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical.

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